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Read one piece 757 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading one piece 757 English Scan online at one piece narutostat or download one piece 757 English Scan now. Regarding Sugar, I wonder if Luffy is going to react the same as in the anime filler when someone, e.g. Usopp during his fight with her, he knows is turned into a toy. Of course, it would be a blast if he himself would become a toy but that would get really complicated and Oda might not be able to cover all issues.

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So who else here thinks that Rebecca has been holding back in the Colloseum all those years and are about to open a can of whupass on the schmuck in front of her. I think the more likely scenario is she’s about to get her ass whooped pretty bad and have Kyros show up at the last minute to keep Diamante occupied as Luffy & Cavendish advance after Law’s handcuffs are removed. I think Sugar coming back is really lame. Viola (or is it Violet? Whatever who cares. Princess girl) is under the impression they don’t know Sugar or her power; luckily Cavendish is there and is quite familiar with it. Maybe they can just make short work of her. She’s already been such a pain in the ass this arc (We waited what.. 8 months to see her knocked out?) so I hope she’s not more than comic relief for the remainder.

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Read one piece 757 online. one piece chapter 757 high quality english scan, read one piece 757 high quality (HQ) English scan first here in this website.

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Looking at Rebecca’s expression, she was definitely in fear and at the same time she may have all her memories about her mother and how she had protected her while escaping from the enemies, and even her guilty feeling may even surface as she had always thought that it was her fault that caused her mother’s death.

Rebecca gave an impression that she was not confident of herself and how well she could do. Perhaps that was a weakness that she didn’t overcome (since her childhood was nothing but about death, escaping from harm, being bullied and lived alone while seeing her “toy daddy” getting hurt and even losing a leg) though she had quite a strong resolve to defeat her opponents while she was a gladiator and that was the reason why she survived (without losing any of her body parts or became a handicap like many other fellow gladiators locked in the cell). The only time when she appeared calm was when Donquixote Doflamingo or anything about him was mentioned in which she had very deep resentments against him (and perhaps those who worked for him as well).

The panels on Scarlet holding the apples and offered to the children, what did you see or feel? Personally it looks alright and quite natural since the author is trying to portray a “kind and caring big-sister”. This scene was also a prelude of Rebecca’s encounter with Diamanté.

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Dellinger’s definitely got a one piece 756 Zoan DF. First he sprouts a fin on his back when he attacks Blue Gilly, and the fin is still present when he’s about to go toe-to-toe vs Ideo. This chapter wasn’t the greatest ever, but it was a necessary one.

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Honestly the whole artist bringing their painting to life thing is over used I agree. However unlike the other manga (the ones I have read anyway) listed Kanjuro sucks to the point others either feel sorry for it/him or laugh. Where as the other series the artist actually has talent at drawing. So let’s give OP some credit at making a character outside the norm. There are so many devil fruits out there it shouldn’t surprise you to see some repeats from other series anyway. On a side note would it be considered paramecia? With the readers already overwhelmed by odd characters this arc, Kanjuro being the next addition to that group doesn’t really help in making him stand out and impress the readers. With the overwhelming amount of comedy and antics imbalancing this arc, readers and fans were/are really waiting for certain developments to happen to bring balance back to the feel of the arc. One of those developments was Sabo unleashing, which readers loved; the next was Zoro unleashing, which the readers loved/are loving; and another development readers are waiting for to bring some seriousness back into this arc is Law unleashing, which the readers will most likely love as well. This imbalance between serious and comical is also why Zoro taking down Pica’s massive stone body was such a refreshing and exhilarating development. The bare minimum is what the yonko have, main crewmembers who are able to stand up to shichibuka and even admirals. Luffy does not have that yet… because his crew is young and inexperienced. But in turn what we see in doflamingo’s crew is the culmination of its potential. And even pika falls short of a second hand man to the PK. Having seen Kanjurou I wonder whether all of the Wano samurais wear swords or use them like swords men. One the one hand, the Wano country has a lot of potential because it should be easier for Oda to portray and joke about his own origin. On the other hand, he has a lot less unused material at his disposal so it’s difficult to create something unique, see the reference to the historical relation between calligraphy and samurais. I wasn’t feeling the Sai-clone (har har) but this was another enjoyable chapter. I’ve gotta say the picture of the long legs guy was almost indecent at that angle.

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The Upcoming one piece 755 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release one piece 755 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy one piece 755 raw pictures. here’s some predictions. The thing about it all though is that Zoro has shown to be more serious as though he was the captain since the timeskip…but that has always been where Zoro definitely takes the 1st mate position and supports Luffy the most. He has also been the one to admit and believe that Luffy needs to be the PK and is willing to give up his own dream to make sure Luffy achieves it.

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Time and time again Zoro has shown that even though he is powerful, Luffy is the man that he willing follows – that is big. Luffy acts more like a child now but the reason we haven’t really seen his growth in power directly is because he has had difficult battles so far with people that aren’t really strong, but rather tricky to fight. Kanjuro had an interesting outfit with a big ribbon-bow tying in front of him and a big brush as long as a sword. lol A little surprise that he drew a bird that was recognisable though it wasn’t particularly pretty. It felt like a picture drew by a kindergarten kid and the patheticity of his art skill was probably meant for laughs. Besides, the birdie could make “chirp chirp” sound too. Looking at his ability, it seemed like he was a “devil-fruit user”, a paramecia to be specific. Though he raised his fingers up as if like doing a ninja hand sign but he was a samurai. I guess it was a natural hand sign for him when trying to materialise his paintings. He seemed to enjoy his “out-of-date” lettuce and “good friends always share”.

The two folks’ interaction was so funny. The soldiers and others out there seemed like viewers watching a TV drama. But they were kinda lost since they had been “toys” for so long. It would be time for them to reunite the kingdom with King Riku. On Luffy’s side, the group continued to fight through with allies trying to clear the path for them. Cavendish seemed to have an insight of Doflamingo’s evil scheme and was so determined to have Mingo’s head all for himself. hehe! But his statement triggered the same commotion of “I’m the one who will take Doflamingo’s head” just like what they had before and it added with time line even. haha! That poor horse was suffering in silence. Fishman Island is underwater and he had to fight with limited ability, his strength being sapped by the ocean when he fought outside of the bubble, and then follow that up with Punk Hazard where he fights a guy that is gas and sucks the oxygen away from him when he fights. I will give though that Luffy should have already KO’ed CC given how strong he should be by now, but it seemed like Luffy has been underestimating the bosses he has fought so far. Hopefully he recognizes now that he has to take every boss seriously and aim to fight for real, but he is also in the NW where his current strength may now be on even par with the above average pirates, but still not at Yonkou tier.

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The Upcoming one piece 753 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release one piece 753 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy one piece 753 raw pictures. here’s some predictions.

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The pacing seems bad and slow because of all anticipation for this arc when Doffy became the main villain. That, and since they have entered the NW, there was a lot of anticipation for what the NW holds for them in adventure, and so far the villians and issues have not been too far gone for what the NW was thought to hold. With that said, it isn’t as bad as it seems. It is exaggerated by the previous arc on Punk Hazard which didn’t really do much for action, but rather expanded the world a bit and brought into the light the beginning of Luffy making both allies and enemies of more people around the world. Dressrosa, has a lot in common with the alabasta arc, but if we think about it from that point – its almost as if the things Croc did were to mimic the stronghold that Doffy had set up already. Its only been about 3 years since that adventure, and we know that Doffy has been the head of Dressrosa for atleast 10 years. THat said, everything on Dressrosa is almost a leveled up version of that alabasta arc. So now we are seeing how luffy will handle a situation that he truly has to change from the heart of the country instead of a country that was on the edge of destruction. Compare that to the fishman island arc, and the villain aside, not only did Luffy have to do the same thing there but he also had to build a rep that would cause an island to want to be under his name and start getting his name and crew on the next level – which is to challenge a yonkou. But there would be no story if he was already ready to take on a Yonkou, so there has to be more adventure that increases his will (therefore his haki grows) and for him to prove that he can be the PK. It has been mentioned several times now that there were other strong pirates that rivaled both WB and GR during their times as pirates, but those two were the ones that pressed on throughout it all and overcame the odds and challenges to be considered at the top. Luffy must not do that with his own generation and with those that are veteran pirates. Furthermore, the Fishman Island arc was also the next version of the skypia arc where Luffy had to fight with an extreme disadvantage (not his df type, but the fact that he had to fight in the sky with no real footing to fight on). In the sea, he had to fight in the ocean depths with limited air, his strength being sapped, and without having firm grounds to fight on. That is a challenge that not many pirates could handle even when as strong as he is. ANd the last point, would be that when the crew first entered the GL, it was about three island adventures before they came to face the first real challenge of the GL. It also looks to be that Oda is taking the same route but a little faster where it only took two island adventures before hitting their first real villain.

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One Piece 753 Discussion | One Piece 753 Manga

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We are so excited to bring you the latest one piece 753 raw spoiler and summaries. one piece manga 753 will be posted here when one piece chapter 753 scans is out! for the meantime, just read one piece 753 prediction and one piece 753 spoiler confirmed by publishers.

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We see all these great fights going on like Zoro vs. Pica and Sabo vs. Fuji for a panel or two, but we’re not getting any content. I hope soon we get good, solid fights like the ones in Alabasta or Enies Lobby. Meh, we’ll probably get something soon. I just hope Luffy will use his brain for a few seconds (not going to put it above him to do so if it’s in battle, lol) and attack Doffy with at least closer to full strength at their next clash. In a way, it’s almost like he’s been unintentionally underestimating Doffy a bit too, not just the vice-versa. He knows so little about DD’s powers that it’s kind of unavoidable obviously, but that should be all the more reason to make sure he’s putting his all into it, y’know? Don’t want too much backlash please, since it’s just my opinion and it’s not like I’ll stop reading anytime soon or anything. I’m not trying to hate on it either. I’m a newbie.

Can’t wait to see Law’s backstory if we’re finally getting it. I’ve always been interested in how he became the borderline psychopathic guy he is, but obviously not half as bad as he was as a lil’un. I think the “White/Blank City” has something to do with the Tennryuubito OR is some sort of plague-filled, war scarred or lawless place. Or both,Maybe it was a large, prosperous kingdom that was essentially wiped off the map a few decades before(Made blank A-La-Ohara) by the WG and then overrun by the now government-less survivors.

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One Piece 739 Chapter and Raw – Last Strategy!

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It has also been shown that Trebol was able to give commands as well to newly changed toys Welcome to one piece Chapter 739 Spoiler English. one piece 739 is the next chapter to come out on one piece manga series. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the one piece 739 manga scans will be posted here soon.

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In Usopp’s defense – it seems that even tho he’s a coward he’s actually a smart fighter. I figure that his cowardice allows him time to study his opponents and devise a set of attacks (pop greens used in tandem) to defeat his enemy. Well none of that matters since Trebol just decided to toss a ship at the tower. He also must be confident that Sugar would be able to avoid/deal with the ship crashing into the tower. Random theory on Sugar’s Hobby fruit powers; After reading this chapter we have fully seen the complete process that she uses to transform people. person is touched by sugar-> becomes a toy person is then given verbal commands(obey the family ect.) person becomes a toy, unable to change their will, but still retaining memories of who they are. Observation of this process shows that physical touch is not necessary from Sugar to deliver the verbal commands (no way she could have had a hand on EACH dwarf she changed). Iirc, It has also been shown that Trebol was able to give commands as well to newly changed toys. If this process must happen this way in order for toys to be obedient I would theorize that: The time in which the commands are given must quickly follow soon after the person has been touched by Sugar otherwise the commands will not be effective(I believe “broken” toys fall into this category) *and that the Weakness of Sugar’s fruit is that the verbal commands can be delivered by someone else who may be around at the moment a person is changed.(imagine if she turns more Dwarfs into toys and Usopp is able to yell “you have to listen to me, she’s your enemy, attack her!)

First, it’s a wonder Dofla managed to set up his empire if his top officers can act that stupid. I’m half expecting Sugar to get ko’d by Trebol’s shiplifting by now. Second, how the dwarves (who are supposedly too fast to see) suddenly switch from their super-duper-infiltration strategy to a frontal assault is plain dumb. Add to this that Usopp’s cowardice is becoming really counter-productive, I hope he does get a redeeming moment that will make it worth to have endured all his chicken-talk (his Thriller Bark fight was the best one so far, in that respect) Even though the operation is one of the less intersting things to me in this arc, this chapter was still great. And despite how unimpressed I was with Trebol’s abilities last week, this chapter he showed how strong he actually is. Lifting an entire ship with what looked like minimal effort is not something everyone can do. This also goes to show that someone else will have to arrive in order to fight him, since I doubt that either Robin or Usopp will be strong enough to defeat him.

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