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Read naruto 689 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading naruto 689 English Scan online at naruto narutostat or download naruto 689 English Scan now. Even if obito really used kamui to travel his soul from the pure world back into the impure world, using kakashi as an interface, i still dont think it is too far fetched for him to have done so. The pure world ist just another dimension out of many.

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Obito was shown to be able to teleport into a dimension that was not his own kaguya´s dimension, when he was given an entrance point the portal. You can think of kakashi being the entrance point for obito´s soul. Since he does not possess a physical body anymore since he died he cannot manifest himself physically. It stopped making sense when Tsunade woke up, at the great relief of Kakashi who had shown his reluctance to accepting the job. He didn’t want it last time, why would he want it now that Tsunade is still alive and Naruto even stronger, older, wiser, and more influential world wide. Here’s the thing though, everyone you’ve mentioned did this before they died. Itachi transferred his jutsu before he keeled over. Madara activated Izangi before he bit the dust. We saw Minato do the sealing jutsu to put both his and Kushina’s chakra inside Naruto. Obito said logic and came back from the dead to transfer his eyes. There was no preparation. He didn’t place a seal on Kakashi nor do a hand seal to activate a soul transfer jutsu. He literally rose from the ashes and gave Kakashi his eyes.

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Naruto 689 Manga – Black Zetsu’s Rage!

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Read naruto 689 online. naruto chapter 689 high quality english scan, read naruto 689 high quality (HQ) English scan first here in this website.

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Itachi was a prodigy of the Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan and was praised by his own clan and many people as being the “best” and a genius. Even the Hokage (the Third at that time) and Danzo favoured him highly who then made him part of the ANBU at a young age. Itachi had great achievements as a kid – like topping the first in class (at age 7), mastered the sharingan at age 8, passing of the Chūnin Exams at age 10 and many others after joining the ANBU at age 11. Needless to say, Itachi was one of the kind, an exceptionally talented shinobi in Konohagakure.

However fate wasn’t kind to him. He had to “harden” his heart to destroy his own clan by killing all the clansmen and even his parents (except his little brother whom he loved the most). Despite all that, his true motive was more complicated than what it seemed and that he had only wanted to protect his brother and village. It was indeed a terrible “twist” of life for a young man.

In the case of Obito, who was another Uchiha and (I suppose) was a skilful one as well. Since losing a girl he loved he had “devoted” his life, with the manipulation of Madara, to “end the world conflict”. He too, was a “victim” of the “twist and turn” of fate. However at the end of the self-conflicting crisis, he turned back and became an ally to his people and village which then decided to submit his life for their sake. He was also holding on to his (past) ideal (or dream) of becoming a Hokage that affirmed his final dedication to the village.

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Naruto 688 : Black Zetsu

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Naruto 688 : Black Zetsu
Naruto manga 688 prediction : The seal

( Naruto rip off Kaguya’s left hand. )



(Sasuke swing his sword so strongly that kaguya got hit and throw ed in to a wall of cliff )


KAGUYA : These are nothing..

( Kaguya’s arm slowly regenerate and other wounds from susano start healing )

SAKURA : What a healing power ?

NARUTO : My body ?

( Black zetsu slowly spreading over Naruto )

NARUTO : When did you ?

BLACK ZETSU : When you ripped mother’s arm From that arm I slowly extended my body towards you.

Mother I have got one.

KAGUYA : Well done my child.

( Kaguya makes ash bones from her arm and shoot towards Naruto. )

(Suddenly black zetsu got hit. )

KAGUYA : How did he ?


NARUTO : Sasuke thanks

SASUKE : This is what happens when you let your anger control you.

I can’t waste my chakra on you any more…

So stay focused.

NARUTO : Damn you are always like this.

KAGUYA: [ That boy seems have the ability to swap the positions of the boject in an instant. ]

BLACKZETSU : Mother help me.

(kaguya fly towards crumbling black zetsu and make the crumbling fast.. )

KAGUYA: sorry my child there is no escape from those wounds.

NARUTO : What a shitty Mother…

KAGUYA : Don’t compare me with humans.

NARUTO : As a mother you should protect you son\daughter.

( Naruto remember his Mother kushina and Sasuke remember his mother Mikoto. )

NARUTO : But you are a shame to all mothers.

( Suddenly Naruto’s chakra burst in to extreme. )

SASUKE : Naruto what are you doing ?

NARUTO : I don’t know .Some thing happening to my chakra.

(Sasuke close his sharingan eye and look through rinnegan eye )

( He see large amount of chakra entering in to every ones body but nothing comes out

except from Kaguya’s body . The cells of every one dies and grow rapidly. )

SAKURA : Where was my wound ?

( Sakura examine her hand. )

KAKASHI : Something fishy about this dimension.

SASUKE : This dimension has intense amount of chakra flow than other dimension we have seen

With these chakra entering in to our body cells are rapidly die and new cells grow in an instant.

If we stay in this dimension for too long ..That will be the end for us.

NARUTO : May be Sakura chan and kakashi sensei are not aware of this.

KGUYA : [ Seems like they already know the secret about this dimension.

They will attack at any time. ]

SASUKE : We need to finish this soon.

NARUTO : This time we will go with your plan.

( Suddenly Kaguya rush towards at them with extended Ash bones in the arm. )

KAGUYA : You may be already know that but it’s too late.

Naruto and Sasuke quickly move away from there.

( Naruto send a gudou dama at her. )

( A dimension portal appear around her. )

SASUKE : Not that again.

( The gudou dama didn’t explode )

( Suddenly the dimension portal is swapped by Sasuke )

NARUTO : Sasuke this is the time !

( Naruto show the ‘sun” sign on the hand towards her. )


( Sasuke also show the ‘crescent-moon ‘ sign towards her. )

A white light surround kaguya.

SASUKE and NARUTO : Seal !!


Does Sasuke and Naruto finally accomplished sealing her ?? !

Stay tuned for next chapter to know what happened to Kaguya

Naruto 688 English | Naruto 688 Manga

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Naruto 688 Scans will be available on next Aug 6 with the naruto 688 English Chapter. If you like naruto 688 English scans online. You could read the latest and hottest naruto 688 in narutostat. Naruto has not forgotten what he has done. He’s just not stuck on it like a lot of people seem to be. So what he called him cool just because you wanted to become Hokage. Sasuke was able to recognize what Danzo did was for the village even though it was to his family. Sasuke’s just not one to praise someone like Naruto does. However, Danzo still got phrase from him even if vaguely.

naruto 688 chapter
naruto 688 manga

And I’m pretty sure the whole Hokage deal isn’t the only reason. Obito had been helping them for a bit, and here comes this guy, thinking he’s in control of everything, talking all types of shit. Naruto empathizes with the guy because of their similar history. And here’s this guy calling him lower than dirt. Yes, Obito messed up which is why he agreed. However, Naruto wasn’t just going to let Zetsu talk shit. I’m not trying to justify this, like I said it did not bother me as much is it has some people. I just think it’s more of him not wanting Zetsu to talk shit rather than him actually believing that Obito was awesome simply because he wanted to become Hokage. Nice move from Naruto, though Kagura will heal before they even get a second shot off. However, Kagura’s teleportation seems to come in two types. 1) The instant teleportation, which transports everyone around her with her. The weakness is of course that she can’t get away from someone who actually has the advantage, so she can only use it to switch the environment. 2) The portal teleportation, which opens up a portal for individual teleportation/movement. It’s apparently extremely fast but still has a small channeling time, and of course can allow someone else to follow after. Kaguya’s running out of chakra. All Sasuke and Naruto needs to do now is to wait for Hagoromo to bring reinforcements and they should have the advantage. It’s a shame to see the Kamui eyes go, but at least a game breaker has left the field, like Shisui’s eyes.

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He already experienced through the naruto 688 fragile emotions of what affected him most of his life and what better way than going toe to toe with that person then to have him save his ass again the second time around while giving an unimaginable speech to his top-dog pupil as closure?

naruto 688 chapter
naruto 688 manga

If this doesn’t light a fire under his ass then I’m sorry but Kakashi should officially be called Kid “pansy” Gohan. The kid Gohan that pretty much couldn’t do jack during the saiyan invasion and let piccolo die. Yeah, that low. Obito regretted what he did in terms of showing he wasn’t an evil character to the core. But we’re going to have to agree to disagree because to me even if Obito repented, his crimes were just too huge to forget just because he was sorry afterwards and switched sides. And more importantly his reasons were stupid and basically insane. He killed without remorse because he believed it didn’t matter what he did in the real world because everything would be ok in the dream world. Even worse he pretended to want to make the dream world for the sake of peace but he really only wanted to create a fake Rin to live with in his mind. So he basically killed all those people just so he could pretend Rin wasn’t dead. It’s not that I don’t like redemption stories or think forgiveness is important. I’m a long time fan of Rurouni Kenshin after all. But in Obito’s case, senseless killing for a stupid reason? No way. FYI I don’t like Sasuke either, his change of heart was very unbelievable to me. something else about Sasuke’s teleportation right then: he teleported and THEN swung his arm, where as Naruto could run and attack in one motion. It’s like comparing a Hiraishingiri to Obito’s long distance teleportation. Obito can’t attack you until he’s been dropped out of the swirly portal. After that, if the person can escape before he can aim and swing, then they’re fine. But Tobirama’s Hiraishingiri teleports you past the opponent with your sword already drawn, delivering a blow while the teleportation is taking place. Meaning even if Obito’s teleportation is faster, the fact that you can’t attack until it ends makes it seem slower. It’s possible Sasuke could’ve prepped his Chidori in mid-flight (he did, since we saw it activated after he had already teleported, but not before) and time his swing so that it hits the second he re-emerges in the “normal” dimension.

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The Upcoming naruto 687 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release naruto 687 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy naruto 687 raw pictures. here’s some predictions. I was wondering about that as well. Loosing Obito’s eye power seems like a major loss. So far Kamui seemed like the most effective technique against Kaguya. With Obito’s eyes gone, I really don’t see what’s stopping Kaguya from simply splitting the two of them up again.

naruto 687 chapter
naruto 687 spoiler

I really feel like the situation is getting progressively more contrived. Kaguya is so overpowered at this point that Kishimoto has to make up plot holes to make her vulnerable. With her powers she should have been able to detect Naruto’s real body easily. It made some sense when she wasn’t killing them because she wanted their chakra but now that she is actually willing to kill Kishimoto seems to have written himself into a bit of a corner and is making her slip up in ways that someone of her level never should. My guess is that Sasuke will start to awaken some new Rinnegan techniques, and Naruto will start drawing on the Bijuu more heavily. Everything that happened seemed sort of convenient. Kaguya being unable to get her attack right under the force of her own gravity didn’t make much sense. Kaguya also being unable to notice Naruto’s clones despite having the Rinnegan and Byakugan also seems unbelievable. Even Madara was able to detect Hashirama’s wood clones and if memory serves, they are supposed to be harder to detect than shadow clones. Kaguya’s perception seems far more limited than it should be.

It was cool to see Obito step up but I would have appreciated it more if the whole situation didn’t feel so forced. The use of Kamui was good though, it was at least a climactic end to Obito. Black Zetsu is really starting to piss me off. It is a bit like how Obito’s personality seemed to change completely when he lost his mask. Black Zetsu went from being seemingly intelligent mysterious to annoyingly childish. The way he behaves now makes him seem like a completely different character. If he is going to speak for Kaguya at least let him say something intelligent. I am really starting to miss Madara, he was a bit simplistic but at least he was entertaining. I am getting tired of Kaguya acting like a mute and Black Zetsu pointing out the obvious while whimpering about his mamma. At least that’s what I hope will happen because both of those powers have been way underplayed. So far Sasuke’s Rinnegan has been less helpful than Obito’s regular Mangekyou. From what we have seen Sasuke’s true Rinnegan is shit, his time/space technique isn’t half as good as Kamui and sofar he hasn’t done anything that comes close to the Six Path powers that Nagato had. Kaguya’s True Rinnegan is godly so I don’t really see any logic behind Sasuke’s being so pitiful by comparison. At the very least it should offer him powers on par with what Nagato could do.

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Are you looking for the upcoming naruto 687 Manga. Then you are at the right place because naruto 687 chapter is now available online read the latest happening on naruto manga 687.

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naruto 687 manga

Kaguya has the Byakugan and she can see chakra flows, so she should be able to tell the real Naruto, instead of listening to Black Zetsu who sems to be making mistakes… its almost like Kaguya has been dead for so long that she can’t think anymore. She really can’t use Ninjutsu or is the dimension sh** her only ninjutsu? In that case, I feel that Madara would have been a better final villain So Sasuke’s eyes have intervals where it can’t function, something like 5 or 10 seconds just like pain and Madara Naruto is trolling Kaguya whenever he like.. loooool, it’s almost like he fears her less than other villains. For once in Naruto Verse, he has seen someone that is so much dumber than he is, although I must say that Naruto has always been smart since the vs Pain battle. Is Obito really gonna die now??? its so sad but I know that kishi will use it as some kind of filler where he will show Obito and Rin talking for so long, he is so easy to read nowadays. I felt Kaguya as an actual threat, her use of gravity in combination with the bone technique in my humble opinion makes her quite fearsome. I also think Kakashi is about to receive Obito’s eye(s). I say this because it would explain the panels detailing how Kakashi feels useless and there is a medical ninja right next to them. I am also wondering if obito’s eyes will be put to use or forgotten. They would be an extremely useful tool for whoever uses them but that’s the question! Who would use them.

I don’t see anyone on the current battle field using them. Kaguya is now showing that she has many tools in her arsenal, I don’t see what our friends can do against her in this demention of extreme gravity (note that chibaku tensei is also a technique that creates a powerful gravitational pull. Kaguya’s dementions have to have a big role to play seeing as there all different elemental climates and some have connections to either bijuu or techniques from the rinnegan. A little off chapter topic but it shocks me that orochimaru is caught in this genjutsu, I have a hope that the curse mark he put on the spiral zetsu allows him to take over that vessel and somehow be immune to infinite tsukuyomi. Naruto has great control over the Gudou Dama, proven by how he manipulated them to be behind one of his clones. I knew this was going to happen, but it was still fun to see, I love Naruto being smart. It’s quite remarkable how he’s being able to hold Kaguya on his own and the fact that Kishimoto isn’t showing the bijuus as much means something, mark my words. As for Sasuke, I really think he isn’t in full control of his Rinnegan abilities, I know there is more to that eye. Also, am I the only one who’s bothered by armless Minato? I hoped the Sage of Six Paths would have healed him by now. Btw Obito could have just used Kamui on Naruto and Sasuke instead of running there first and then deciding to use Kamui loool, wow Kishi is so wonderful in his imagination. He could have even used Kamui on Kaguya just to delay her or simply open Kamu i dimension for the bones to fly into, but I guess this is how Kishi wants to end it.

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