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The Upcoming fairy tail 393 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release fairy tail 393 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy fairy tail 393 raw pictures. here’s some predictions.

fairy tail 393 chapter
fairy tail 393 manga

I think Gray did not intend to use Iced Shell that could cause him to die. Initially when he said that he still had the tramp card to win, I was like “oh oh! He’s going to use that forbidden technique”. But after I saw the pages on Gray’s thought about his family (Fairy Tail) and master Ur, I knew he wouldn’t die. That was because almost at the end of it, he said that he refused to die and he wouldn’t want to see his friends’ tears. Thus i believe that was one of the reasons why he created the clones in the first place. On another note, I think Gray was “experimenting” (so to speak) his skill as he probably would not know if he could survive with casting of the Iced Shell (though it has already been made known that this skill used up the lifespan of the user) and at the same time he was also prepared to die if his final tramp card failed. The clones that he has created were probably very useful technique in helping to distract the opponent, while being able to receive the damages inflicted by him (Silver).

I thought his words of apologies spoke of his deeper feelings for those he loved. They seemed to indicate his “promise” that he has to break as the guild members would be sad if he died. Of course he would be sad to leave his friends too. However in order to protect them, he had to use the forbidden spell. At the same time, he felt regretful that it did not successfully defeat his opponent and hence saved his comrades. However with his great determination, he still managed to win with an indirect ice attack with a steel ball.

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Fairy Tail 392 Discussion | Fairy Tail 392 Manga

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We are so excited to bring you the latest fairy tail 392 raw spoiler and summaries. fairy tail manga 392 will be posted here when fairy tail chapter 392 scans is out! for the meantime, just read fairy tail 392 prediction and fairy tail 392 spoiler confirmed by publishers.

fairy tail 392 chapter
fairy tail 392 manga

Iced Shell was impressive because of the fact it couldn’t be undone except by the moon-drip. Otherwise Lyon wouldn’t have bothered going to Galuna Island, he would have just redirected the energies of the ice in the same way Gray did Deliora’s. It would have made the whole Galuna Island arc redundant. Nor are you likely to be able to break iced-shell, otherwise it wouldn’t make for a very good prison. I don’t think smashing Iced Shell was ever an option for Lyon. We’ve seen Deliora’s be fragmented by the Treasure Hunter’s sword, Flare’s explosions, gunfire, the one eye’d bird’s eye beam, and Gray’s ice. Deliora’s ice is both breakable and easily negatable by an ice-mage, which IMO still puts Iced Shell as the superior magic in terms of trapping someone in a block of ice. Iced shell was impressive because of all the effort required to reverse its effect. Silver’s ice takes like a moments notice for Gray.

The chapter was alright. I am glad it was a chapter devoted to the fight without it being interrupted or without it going off to another scene for about half the chapter. For me Gray’s most impressive action was the use of those snowflakes when he was airborne. That was very smart of him. I feel like his durability has been shown to be better than what was assumed but as for his offensive abilities…I don’t think it was anything new. Everything shown was more or less what he has already shown and it was all rendered ineffective, which is good. Cause I feel like a powerup will definitely come considering whenever a characters offensive abilities have been shown to be not enough a power boost comes in. I just hope it is more permanent and can be invoked anytime and not something like DF or the use of the CSK. Fight will probably last for 2 more chapters

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