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Read one piece 757 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading one piece 757 English Scan online at one piece narutostat or download one piece 757 English Scan now. Regarding Sugar, I wonder if Luffy is going to react the same as in the anime filler when someone, e.g. Usopp during his fight with her, he knows is turned into a toy. Of course, it would be a blast if he himself would become a toy but that would get really complicated and Oda might not be able to cover all issues.

one piec e 757 spoiler
one piec e 757 scans

So who else here thinks that Rebecca has been holding back in the Colloseum all those years and are about to open a can of whupass on the schmuck in front of her. I think the more likely scenario is she’s about to get her ass whooped pretty bad and have Kyros show up at the last minute to keep Diamante occupied as Luffy & Cavendish advance after Law’s handcuffs are removed. I think Sugar coming back is really lame. Viola (or is it Violet? Whatever who cares. Princess girl) is under the impression they don’t know Sugar or her power; luckily Cavendish is there and is quite familiar with it. Maybe they can just make short work of her. She’s already been such a pain in the ass this arc (We waited what.. 8 months to see her knocked out?) so I hope she’s not more than comic relief for the remainder.

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