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Read naruto 689 English Scan, click on pics below to start reading naruto 689 English Scan online at naruto narutostat or download naruto 689 English Scan now. Even if obito really used kamui to travel his soul from the pure world back into the impure world, using kakashi as an interface, i still dont think it is too far fetched for him to have done so. The pure world ist just another dimension out of many.

naruto 689 spoiler
naruto 689 scans

Obito was shown to be able to teleport into a dimension that was not his own kaguya´s dimension, when he was given an entrance point the portal. You can think of kakashi being the entrance point for obito´s soul. Since he does not possess a physical body anymore since he died he cannot manifest himself physically. It stopped making sense when Tsunade woke up, at the great relief of Kakashi who had shown his reluctance to accepting the job. He didn’t want it last time, why would he want it now that Tsunade is still alive and Naruto even stronger, older, wiser, and more influential world wide. Here’s the thing though, everyone you’ve mentioned did this before they died. Itachi transferred his jutsu before he keeled over. Madara activated Izangi before he bit the dust. We saw Minato do the sealing jutsu to put both his and Kushina’s chakra inside Naruto. Obito said logic and came back from the dead to transfer his eyes. There was no preparation. He didn’t place a seal on Kakashi nor do a hand seal to activate a soul transfer jutsu. He literally rose from the ashes and gave Kakashi his eyes.

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