One Piece 757 Manga – Father and Daughter Reunited

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Looking at Rebecca’s expression, she was definitely in fear and at the same time she may have all her memories about her mother and how she had protected her while escaping from the enemies, and even her guilty feeling may even surface as she had always thought that it was her fault that caused her mother’s death.

Rebecca gave an impression that she was not confident of herself and how well she could do. Perhaps that was a weakness that she didn’t overcome (since her childhood was nothing but about death, escaping from harm, being bullied and lived alone while seeing her “toy daddy” getting hurt and even losing a leg) though she had quite a strong resolve to defeat her opponents while she was a gladiator and that was the reason why she survived (without losing any of her body parts or became a handicap like many other fellow gladiators locked in the cell). The only time when she appeared calm was when Donquixote Doflamingo or anything about him was mentioned in which she had very deep resentments against him (and perhaps those who worked for him as well).

The panels on Scarlet holding the apples and offered to the children, what did you see or feel? Personally it looks alright and quite natural since the author is trying to portray a “kind and caring big-sister”. This scene was also a prelude of Rebecca’s encounter with Diamanté.

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