Naruto 689 Manga – Black Zetsu’s Rage!

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Itachi was a prodigy of the Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan and was praised by his own clan and many people as being the “best” and a genius. Even the Hokage (the Third at that time) and Danzo favoured him highly who then made him part of the ANBU at a young age. Itachi had great achievements as a kid – like topping the first in class (at age 7), mastered the sharingan at age 8, passing of the Chūnin Exams at age 10 and many others after joining the ANBU at age 11. Needless to say, Itachi was one of the kind, an exceptionally talented shinobi in Konohagakure.

However fate wasn’t kind to him. He had to “harden” his heart to destroy his own clan by killing all the clansmen and even his parents (except his little brother whom he loved the most). Despite all that, his true motive was more complicated than what it seemed and that he had only wanted to protect his brother and village. It was indeed a terrible “twist” of life for a young man.

In the case of Obito, who was another Uchiha and (I suppose) was a skilful one as well. Since losing a girl he loved he had “devoted” his life, with the manipulation of Madara, to “end the world conflict”. He too, was a “victim” of the “twist and turn” of fate. However at the end of the self-conflicting crisis, he turned back and became an ally to his people and village which then decided to submit his life for their sake. He was also holding on to his (past) ideal (or dream) of becoming a Hokage that affirmed his final dedication to the village.

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