Bleach 593 Manga – Marching Out the Zombies 4

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What we saw out of Hitsugaya is the result of his training when he lost his bankai, it’s a rather cruel irony that the power he gained from training to protect Seretei is now being used against his own people. It is true, Giselle isn’t that bad of a sadist she didn’t leave Hitsugaya with the consciousness to be aware of what he was doing imagine if he was aware of it and all he could do was so disgust and displeasure in his face for his actions but for all purposes he is but a drone being controlled like a puppet. He was quite a ruthless fighter though heartlessly slashing both Ikkaku and Yumichika. Even though Ikkaku was able to think quick enough to save Yumichika from a deadly strike he wasn’t able to truly save him. For a thick-headed man I wonder how he knew that the Kidou wouldn’t work though. I mean magic vs magic ina sense one would think Yumichika would at least be able to limit the potency of his strike but Ikkaku didn’t give him a chance to try.

Even though they didn’t last long in the battle what really comes off as impressive is how quickly Yumichika can move, he’s been shown to cut Bambietta’s arm off effortlessly in one fell swoop to save Ikkaku and then blocking another attempt at slicing Ikkaku. There may be some importance to how quick his movements are now and it could come into play later, since it really does feel like the fact that his face was sliced might lead to a surge of anger that might be healed through his bankai.

I doubt it’s a coincidence that Charlotte is by Ikkaku and Yumichika if Charlotte does truly recall everything he may tell Yumichika how he should just use his Shikai again to mend his wounds. Could also see Charlotte suggesting Yumichika sap his energy and then he could just go resurrecion to mend his own wounds. It is a pity next week is a break, it would be interesting to see what Mayuri has up his sleeves, it sounds like the experimentations he wants to perform on Hitsugaya might actually be things he’s wanted to test of Hitsugaya for some time now and now he has the perfect excuse to use them.

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