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The Upcoming naruto 687 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release naruto 687 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy naruto 687 raw pictures. here’s some predictions. I was wondering about that as well. Loosing Obito’s eye power seems like a major loss. So far Kamui seemed like the most effective technique against Kaguya. With Obito’s eyes gone, I really don’t see what’s stopping Kaguya from simply splitting the two of them up again.

naruto 687 chapter
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I really feel like the situation is getting progressively more contrived. Kaguya is so overpowered at this point that Kishimoto has to make up plot holes to make her vulnerable. With her powers she should have been able to detect Naruto’s real body easily. It made some sense when she wasn’t killing them because she wanted their chakra but now that she is actually willing to kill Kishimoto seems to have written himself into a bit of a corner and is making her slip up in ways that someone of her level never should. My guess is that Sasuke will start to awaken some new Rinnegan techniques, and Naruto will start drawing on the Bijuu more heavily. Everything that happened seemed sort of convenient. Kaguya being unable to get her attack right under the force of her own gravity didn’t make much sense. Kaguya also being unable to notice Naruto’s clones despite having the Rinnegan and Byakugan also seems unbelievable. Even Madara was able to detect Hashirama’s wood clones and if memory serves, they are supposed to be harder to detect than shadow clones. Kaguya’s perception seems far more limited than it should be.

It was cool to see Obito step up but I would have appreciated it more if the whole situation didn’t feel so forced. The use of Kamui was good though, it was at least a climactic end to Obito. Black Zetsu is really starting to piss me off. It is a bit like how Obito’s personality seemed to change completely when he lost his mask. Black Zetsu went from being seemingly intelligent mysterious to annoyingly childish. The way he behaves now makes him seem like a completely different character. If he is going to speak for Kaguya at least let him say something intelligent. I am really starting to miss Madara, he was a bit simplistic but at least he was entertaining. I am getting tired of Kaguya acting like a mute and Black Zetsu pointing out the obvious while whimpering about his mamma. At least that’s what I hope will happen because both of those powers have been way underplayed. So far Sasuke’s Rinnegan has been less helpful than Obito’s regular Mangekyou. From what we have seen Sasuke’s true Rinnegan is shit, his time/space technique isn’t half as good as Kamui and sofar he hasn’t done anything that comes close to the Six Path powers that Nagato had. Kaguya’s True Rinnegan is godly so I don’t really see any logic behind Sasuke’s being so pitiful by comparison. At the very least it should offer him powers on par with what Nagato could do.

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The Upcoming one piece 755 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release one piece 755 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy one piece 755 raw pictures. here’s some predictions. The thing about it all though is that Zoro has shown to be more serious as though he was the captain since the timeskip…but that has always been where Zoro definitely takes the 1st mate position and supports Luffy the most. He has also been the one to admit and believe that Luffy needs to be the PK and is willing to give up his own dream to make sure Luffy achieves it.

one piece 755 chapter
one piece 755 spoiler

Time and time again Zoro has shown that even though he is powerful, Luffy is the man that he willing follows – that is big. Luffy acts more like a child now but the reason we haven’t really seen his growth in power directly is because he has had difficult battles so far with people that aren’t really strong, but rather tricky to fight. Kanjuro had an interesting outfit with a big ribbon-bow tying in front of him and a big brush as long as a sword. lol A little surprise that he drew a bird that was recognisable though it wasn’t particularly pretty. It felt like a picture drew by a kindergarten kid and the patheticity of his art skill was probably meant for laughs. Besides, the birdie could make “chirp chirp” sound too. Looking at his ability, it seemed like he was a “devil-fruit user”, a paramecia to be specific. Though he raised his fingers up as if like doing a ninja hand sign but he was a samurai. I guess it was a natural hand sign for him when trying to materialise his paintings. He seemed to enjoy his “out-of-date” lettuce and “good friends always share”.

The two folks’ interaction was so funny. The soldiers and others out there seemed like viewers watching a TV drama. But they were kinda lost since they had been “toys” for so long. It would be time for them to reunite the kingdom with King Riku. On Luffy’s side, the group continued to fight through with allies trying to clear the path for them. Cavendish seemed to have an insight of Doflamingo’s evil scheme and was so determined to have Mingo’s head all for himself. hehe! But his statement triggered the same commotion of “I’m the one who will take Doflamingo’s head” just like what they had before and it added with time line even. haha! That poor horse was suffering in silence. Fishman Island is underwater and he had to fight with limited ability, his strength being sapped by the ocean when he fought outside of the bubble, and then follow that up with Punk Hazard where he fights a guy that is gas and sucks the oxygen away from him when he fights. I will give though that Luffy should have already KO’ed CC given how strong he should be by now, but it seemed like Luffy has been underestimating the bosses he has fought so far. Hopefully he recognizes now that he has to take every boss seriously and aim to fight for real, but he is also in the NW where his current strength may now be on even par with the above average pirates, but still not at Yonkou tier.

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The Upcoming bleach 590 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release bleach 590 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy bleach 590 raw pictures. here’s some predictions. Comparing any Espada to Aizen is a joke. I think Gin was stronger than all of them. Forget Aizen. He was far above them even without KS. He himself stated as much when his Espada disappointed. And I seriously doubt he didn’t know about R2 Ulquiorra.

bleach 590 chapter
bleach 590 spoiler

This is Aizen. He pushed Ulquiorra and Ichigo together on purpose to unlock more of Kurosaki’s potential. Ulquiorra got played like a pack of cards just like everybody else. The ONLY thing he didn’t know about was Monster Ichigo. I’d normally call those reishi fixing devices awfully convenient, but they seem like a useful tool against any Quincy, not just Bambietta, so it makes sense. Plus it’s Mayuri, he can get away with anything. I’m still wondering what the hell he’s wearing though, surely the glowing can’t be the only thing about it. I wonder how much of Zombietta’s behaviour is linked to how she was as a person or if Giselle can make all her. his zombies act that way. Creepy.

I seriously wonder what’s up with Giselle, like is he an actual bloke or is he a kind of mishmash of male and female body parts stitched together. I am now more curious than I should be. its interesting how that mayuri is using the privion and one former espada to battle against the 11th divison zombies, pity about bambi trying to resist giselle’s zombie power’s i would like to see bami breaking free from zombification.. They should show a flashback on how giselle killed bambi. but i reckon the zombi vs zombie showdown would be just a diversion. i think giselle might try to control nemu or maybe mayuri’s Zanpakuto like Szayelaporro did before. Aizen defeated multiple Captain levels easy (some without KS) in FKT while the top 3 Espada struggled. Also ask yourself why Barragan (who I totally believe was stronger than Ulquiorra) didn’t attempt to hurt Aizen before his death, despite how broken his Respira was. He HATED Aizen! But he did nothing because he knew Aizen was far above him and would kill his ass.

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Naruto 687 Scans | Read Naruto 687

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Are you looking for the upcoming naruto 687 Manga. Then you are at the right place because naruto 687 chapter is now available online read the latest happening on naruto manga 687.

naruto 687 chapter
naruto 687 manga

Kaguya has the Byakugan and she can see chakra flows, so she should be able to tell the real Naruto, instead of listening to Black Zetsu who sems to be making mistakes… its almost like Kaguya has been dead for so long that she can’t think anymore. She really can’t use Ninjutsu or is the dimension sh** her only ninjutsu? In that case, I feel that Madara would have been a better final villain So Sasuke’s eyes have intervals where it can’t function, something like 5 or 10 seconds just like pain and Madara Naruto is trolling Kaguya whenever he like.. loooool, it’s almost like he fears her less than other villains. For once in Naruto Verse, he has seen someone that is so much dumber than he is, although I must say that Naruto has always been smart since the vs Pain battle. Is Obito really gonna die now??? its so sad but I know that kishi will use it as some kind of filler where he will show Obito and Rin talking for so long, he is so easy to read nowadays. I felt Kaguya as an actual threat, her use of gravity in combination with the bone technique in my humble opinion makes her quite fearsome. I also think Kakashi is about to receive Obito’s eye(s). I say this because it would explain the panels detailing how Kakashi feels useless and there is a medical ninja right next to them. I am also wondering if obito’s eyes will be put to use or forgotten. They would be an extremely useful tool for whoever uses them but that’s the question! Who would use them.

I don’t see anyone on the current battle field using them. Kaguya is now showing that she has many tools in her arsenal, I don’t see what our friends can do against her in this demention of extreme gravity (note that chibaku tensei is also a technique that creates a powerful gravitational pull. Kaguya’s dementions have to have a big role to play seeing as there all different elemental climates and some have connections to either bijuu or techniques from the rinnegan. A little off chapter topic but it shocks me that orochimaru is caught in this genjutsu, I have a hope that the curse mark he put on the spiral zetsu allows him to take over that vessel and somehow be immune to infinite tsukuyomi. Naruto has great control over the Gudou Dama, proven by how he manipulated them to be behind one of his clones. I knew this was going to happen, but it was still fun to see, I love Naruto being smart. It’s quite remarkable how he’s being able to hold Kaguya on his own and the fact that Kishimoto isn’t showing the bijuus as much means something, mark my words. As for Sasuke, I really think he isn’t in full control of his Rinnegan abilities, I know there is more to that eye. Also, am I the only one who’s bothered by armless Minato? I hoped the Sage of Six Paths would have healed him by now. Btw Obito could have just used Kamui on Naruto and Sasuke instead of running there first and then deciding to use Kamui loool, wow Kishi is so wonderful in his imagination. He could have even used Kamui on Kaguya just to delay her or simply open Kamu i dimension for the bones to fly into, but I guess this is how Kishi wants to end it.

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Naruto 685 Discussion | Naruto 685 Manga

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The Upcoming naruto 685 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release naruto 685 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy naruto 685 raw pictures. here’s some predictions. I was thinking the exact same thing I was going to say that Naruto’s clone was sent to that dimension (but was called away from my computer), Naruto might be immature, but he is far from stupid, he knew that by sending a clone he could create that diversion, he pointed that part out early in the chapter, the only way to defeat Kaguya is by diversion and through Taijutsu. he created a diversion to help Sakura and Obito get into that dimension.

naruto 685 chapter
naruto 685 manga

I am willing to bet that the clone that was used was the clone near Sakura, Kakashi and Obito, it was most likely something that Naruto knew and quickly came up with a plan on the fly, something he is very good at doing. Naruto’s real body was somewhere between the clones waiting in ambush for when Kaguya would make her inevitable return, what makes this funny is that earlier in the story, Neji was able to find the real Naruto with his Byakugan, wonder what happened here? Nothing surprising that BZ is talking. When Hagoromo appeared to Naruto, the latter could not really understand him and Hagoromo had to adapt his way of talking, saying himself that he was from a different time and culture where people expressed themselves differently. That makes sense for BZ to talk. At least he has known all the eras and generations of Shinobi and was the who fooled all these powerful Shinobis, starting from Indra to Obito. BZ should get some credits for that. As for Kaguya, I am not sure if she still has her mind… It seems that fruit power overwhelmed her to the point that she lost her mind or a part of it. However, her showing emotions recently could be a hint giving an idea of Kaguya’s real situation.

I wonder if these dimensions are actually on other planets entirely. If she is not human and is indeed an alien of sorts, I wonder if these dimensions are a part of her home planet. We learn that they are all interlinked with the dimension they currently occupy. They’ll definitely get Sasuke back, but I’ve yet to figure out what good it will truly do them as they are. I firmly believe Kaguya is just getting started. Much how like Madara played around with the Kages for a spell, all while not being foolish enough to underestimate them. I still do believe one final powerup is in Naruto’s future, but I don’t think it’s time for him to receive it. (I wonder if in the real world, it is indeed his birthday. I think someone mentioned that it was tomorrow in their world some chapters back if not Naruto himself) I also feel a falling out with Black Zetsu is almost inevitable at this point. I just can’t see who will betray who. Zetsu may have wanted to revive her for her power as opposed to any affection he may show towards her. Whereas Kaguya could easily dispose of him since he has successfully served his purpose, albeit a bit unintentional. I don’t know where Kaguya’s state of mind is currently with her tears of misguided sorrow and her misconstrued view of mankind and the planet they inhabit, but I would still venture to say that she in no way needs Black Zetsu.

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One Piece 753 Discussion | One Piece 753 Manga

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The Upcoming one piece 753 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release one piece 753 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy one piece 753 raw pictures. here’s some predictions.

one piece 753 chapter
one piece 753 manga

The pacing seems bad and slow because of all anticipation for this arc when Doffy became the main villain. That, and since they have entered the NW, there was a lot of anticipation for what the NW holds for them in adventure, and so far the villians and issues have not been too far gone for what the NW was thought to hold. With that said, it isn’t as bad as it seems. It is exaggerated by the previous arc on Punk Hazard which didn’t really do much for action, but rather expanded the world a bit and brought into the light the beginning of Luffy making both allies and enemies of more people around the world. Dressrosa, has a lot in common with the alabasta arc, but if we think about it from that point – its almost as if the things Croc did were to mimic the stronghold that Doffy had set up already. Its only been about 3 years since that adventure, and we know that Doffy has been the head of Dressrosa for atleast 10 years. THat said, everything on Dressrosa is almost a leveled up version of that alabasta arc. So now we are seeing how luffy will handle a situation that he truly has to change from the heart of the country instead of a country that was on the edge of destruction. Compare that to the fishman island arc, and the villain aside, not only did Luffy have to do the same thing there but he also had to build a rep that would cause an island to want to be under his name and start getting his name and crew on the next level – which is to challenge a yonkou. But there would be no story if he was already ready to take on a Yonkou, so there has to be more adventure that increases his will (therefore his haki grows) and for him to prove that he can be the PK. It has been mentioned several times now that there were other strong pirates that rivaled both WB and GR during their times as pirates, but those two were the ones that pressed on throughout it all and overcame the odds and challenges to be considered at the top. Luffy must not do that with his own generation and with those that are veteran pirates. Furthermore, the Fishman Island arc was also the next version of the skypia arc where Luffy had to fight with an extreme disadvantage (not his df type, but the fact that he had to fight in the sky with no real footing to fight on). In the sea, he had to fight in the ocean depths with limited air, his strength being sapped, and without having firm grounds to fight on. That is a challenge that not many pirates could handle even when as strong as he is. ANd the last point, would be that when the crew first entered the GL, it was about three island adventures before they came to face the first real challenge of the GL. It also looks to be that Oda is taking the same route but a little faster where it only took two island adventures before hitting their first real villain.

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Bleach 589 Discussion | Bleach 589 Manga

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The Upcoming bleach 589 Spoiler is coming soon. as long as the scanlators group release bleach 589 manga spoilers it will be posted here as soon as possible so just sit back and enjoy bleach 589 raw pictures. here’s some predictions. I think people are really off track with the talk of Giselle being a boy. What Yumichika sensed was the semen on Zombieta, whom Gigi was concealing. The comment about her being a boy was a false conclusion. Yumichika’ nose would be comparable to a dogs if in the middle of the battle he managed to catch that smell.

bleach 589 chapter
bleach 589 manga

Bambietta was not concealed within giselle or anything, she was elsewhere and appeared when gigi called. I doubt yumichika would have smelled her. I also doubt he literally smelled that on her. I mean, there are plenty of reasons for a woman to smell like that (none of which are PG). I think yumichika was simply calling her out on being a man and choose a somewhat offensive way to do it. On another note, it’s interesting that Kirinji can materialise boiling water seemingly from out of nowhere. It didn’t seem to be a function of his Zanpakuto either, although it might well be. Given his Zan’s name I don’t think so though. Could that also mean he’s able to bring his healing water up out of nowhere are well? It could allow him to heal himself if/when Yhwach gives him a beating here. Also I’m not sure the Division Captain from Yhwach’s flashback actually is him, just because that guy’s holding an ordinary Katana and Kirinji’s Zan looks like it’s in the form of that paddle/halberd thing when it’s sealed. I’d be interested to know what the text on the sheath says, just out of curiosity.

Ichigo, Zaraki and Grimmjaw will fight the OP trio (Uryu with Ichigo, Zaraki with Bach and B with Grim/Shun). The more and more the manga progresses it’s even more apparent. Who wants to bet that Zaraki has achieved Bankai instantly somehow, and now wants to have a grudge match vs Bach. Kubo spoiled that Zarakis full power will be spoiled towards the end of the manga. Who wants to bet that Grimmjaw has achieved Secunda Etapa and became extremely powerful. (He one shotted a sternritter in Vollstandig). Well Ichigo vs Uryu match-up is inevitable Ichigo goes Bankai, Ishida goes Vollstandig and uses some even more advanced staff. They way things will now go are : Chad and Inoue will assists Byakuya and Sunshui and Ukitake will come as well. Zaraki will get healed and go to the Royal Palace along with Ichigo. Chad will unleash a full-armor fullbringer, Ukitake+Shunsui will Bankai, Byakuya will show some new Bankai attack. The only thing that surprised me is the “Semen” and “Trap” part. Now I’m positive, Kubo is into traps. Also.. RG turned out to be fodder. I guess the SWP are truly the only people that can actually put a stop on Bach. I seriously doubt Grimmjow is strong enough to challenge any SR in their VS mode unless its one of them hax types that don’t have much physical strength. And even then its gonna be tough. The SR are much stronger than the Espada. And I’ll bet anybody that Grimmjow is NOT getting a second release. How many times have we been over this. People have been predicting R2 for [insert top Espada here] for years. It won’t happen, because R2 was Ulquiorra’s special character trait. All the Espada had special traits granted by the Hogyoku. His backstory makes it pretty obvious how/why his R2 came about and why nobody else is getting one.

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