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Naruto 666 Raw : A Shocking Revelation!!!

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Are you looking for the upcoming naruto 666 Manga. Then you are at the right place because naruto 666 chapter is now available online read the latest happening on naruto manga 666.

naruto 666 manga
naruto 666

Naruto 666 Prediction : A Shocking Revelation!!!
*Link to previous prediction – Naruto 665 Prediction – The Darkest Shadow!
Sasuke has been taken by a mysterious foe! What is this man’s plans and might they spell the end for the young Uchiha?!

Battlefield is destroyed. The Heroes clothes are tattered and torn. All of them have bad wounds leaking with blood.

Kakashi: [Gasping] This is bad. At this point, we won’t last much longer.

Minato: Still, we can’t give up. Naruto’s life depends on it!

Gaara: But how do we escape?! He’s been giving us all we can handle!

Madara: [Casual] Come now. Is that all you’ve got? Judging by this, I won’t need the other Rinnegan to accomplish my plans.

Zetsu: Heh, speaking of plans; why don’t we tell ’em about Project Tsukiyomi?

Madara: Hmm, what do you have in mind, Zetsu, speaking of a top class project like it’s nothing?

Kakashi: What?! What are they talking about? We already know what Project Tsukiyomi is!

Zetsu: You should all ready know, especially fighting against Akatsuki first hand.

Madara: [Squats] They won’t be able to fight against this Akatsuki.

Zetsu: Heh. Right! Let’s end this, Madara!

Deep in the depths of Zetsu

Obito: [Floating in Water] Project . . . Tsukiyomi? Aka . . . tsuki?

???: Hey, brat!!!

Obito: [Slowly Looks Towards Voice]

Kyuubi: Get you’re ass up! You here what their talking about up there? It doesn’t seem like a dream world to me.

Obito: [Looks Away Again] No . . . I must see Rin again . . . so I can see her . . . again.

Kyuubi: Shit! He’s lost it. Without him though, I might not be able to escape this place. Hey, wake-up! He hasn’t put us to sleep yet!

Obito: Quiet you noisy fox . . . I’m dreaming . . . of Rin.

Kyuubi: Tch! [Raises Fist] [Smashes Ground]

Obito: [Shock Wave Splashes Water on Him] [Gasp] [Shakily stands] What was that for?!

Kyuubi: Keh. Seems like you’ve waken. Now, let’s get the hell out of this place!

Obito: [Looks Around] What do you have in mind? I’ve tried to fight Zetsu’s influence. His will is just too much.

Kyuubi: Well let’s see if he can beat a little powered up will from yours truly. [Holds out fist] Hit it. I’ll give you some of my chakra.

Obito: Huh? [Wearily holds out fist] [Bumps]

Back in reality where Madara and Co. are

Zetsu: Agh! [Doubles Over]

Madara: Zetsu! What’s wrong?!

Zetsu: Shit! It’s that brat! He’s trying to break-out!

Madara: Fight it. He can’t be that strong.

Zetsu: At this point, there’s no helping it. He’s getting help from the Nine-Tails!

Madara: Nine-Tails?! That’s impossible! I sealed the Kyuubi!

Zetsu: That Edo in front of you split his chakra into Yin and Yang years back! I managed to capture the Kyuubi before he could put it back in his son!

Madara: Hmm, I see. So, [Looking at Gaara] I’m guessing you brought that boy here to have the blonde fellow seal the other half of the Kyuubi in him?

Gaara: [Swallows]

Madara: I should of done this back when we first started.

Zetsu: [Falls on Knees]

Madara: First things first though. [Forms a Bijuu Bomb]

Zetsu: M — Madara?! What the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Madara: Ahh, you’re right. [Reaches down and snatches Rinnegan]

Within the consciousness of Obito

Obito: Agh! [Screams and clutches eye]

Kyuubi: What’s wrong with you?! Huh, this chakra?!

Madara: [Inside] Kyuubi!!!

Kyuubi: Madara. [Forms Bijuu Bomb]

Madara: Nothing compared to mine. [Closes hand]

Kurama: ??!! [Mouth closes shut] [Body Explodes]

Obito: Oh no!!!

Madara: [Tilts head to side]

Obito: You killed him!

Madara: No. He’ll reform later. But when I destroy you, you won’t.

Obito: Kuh!

Madara: I will take you’re Sharingan before you go, though. It will prove useful for my plans.

Obito: And what exactly is that? You never mentioned Kamui back when we were discussing the Infinite Tsukiyomi!

Madara: That’s because I never told you about my real plan.

Obito: You’re . . . real plan?

Madara: To destroy this disgusting world. That’s my true plan.

Obito: You’re . . . you’re a monster.

Madara: No, I’m GOD!!! [Blitz in Front of Obito] [Chokes Him]

Obito: Guuaah!

Madara: I know you’re worried about seeing that girl though. Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing her very soon! Oh, and you know what? I was the one who sent the Mist Ninja after her in the first place. All to woe your crumpled heart. But I don’t need you anymore. Join the rest of our clan in the grave!

Obito: Ka … Kakashi! I leave the rest to you! You must …. save this world! I don’t know what he’s planning but it’s dangerous! The least I can do is save my Sharingan. Kamui!!!

Madara: Futile. It won’t work!

Madara’s eyes widen is surprise. He believed Obito was trying to transport him, but instead, Obito’s eye swirls into a vortex, disappearing from the socket that once held it.

Obito: [Eyeless] Look, Madara. I’m Izuna. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Madara: [Angry]

With a flex of his muscle, Obito’s head is squeezed between his hands. A shadow shows the destruction of the body part, blood spraying everywhere.

In reality

Zetsu: Heh?! He’s not struggling anymore! Madara, he’s not — !!!

Madara: [Bijuu Bomb] [Launches it at Zetsu]

Zetsu: Aghhh!!!! [Disappears]

Madara: [Looks at Minato] Now, for you insects.

In another location

An empty city in tatters lies mangled on a desolate island. In the middle, a giant shrine stands tall above the carnage, two Buddhist statues standing tall in front of a large red double-door. Walking towards it is a tall figure, carrying Sasuke in both arms. At the entrance, he flashes an eye that swirls like an ocean whirlpool except blood red. The doors croak open and the figure walks inside.

Shinto: Ah, home sweet home.

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One Piece 739 Chapter and Raw – Last Strategy!

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It has also been shown that Trebol was able to give commands as well to newly changed toys Welcome to one piece Chapter 739 Spoiler English. one piece 739 is the next chapter to come out on one piece manga series. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the one piece 739 manga scans will be posted here soon.

one piece 739 manga
one piece 739

In Usopp’s defense – it seems that even tho he’s a coward he’s actually a smart fighter. I figure that his cowardice allows him time to study his opponents and devise a set of attacks (pop greens used in tandem) to defeat his enemy. Well none of that matters since Trebol just decided to toss a ship at the tower. He also must be confident that Sugar would be able to avoid/deal with the ship crashing into the tower. Random theory on Sugar’s Hobby fruit powers; After reading this chapter we have fully seen the complete process that she uses to transform people. person is touched by sugar-> becomes a toy person is then given verbal commands(obey the family ect.) person becomes a toy, unable to change their will, but still retaining memories of who they are. Observation of this process shows that physical touch is not necessary from Sugar to deliver the verbal commands (no way she could have had a hand on EACH dwarf she changed). Iirc, It has also been shown that Trebol was able to give commands as well to newly changed toys. If this process must happen this way in order for toys to be obedient I would theorize that: The time in which the commands are given must quickly follow soon after the person has been touched by Sugar otherwise the commands will not be effective(I believe “broken” toys fall into this category) *and that the Weakness of Sugar’s fruit is that the verbal commands can be delivered by someone else who may be around at the moment a person is changed.(imagine if she turns more Dwarfs into toys and Usopp is able to yell “you have to listen to me, she’s your enemy, attack her!)

First, it’s a wonder Dofla managed to set up his empire if his top officers can act that stupid. I’m half expecting Sugar to get ko’d by Trebol’s shiplifting by now. Second, how the dwarves (who are supposedly too fast to see) suddenly switch from their super-duper-infiltration strategy to a frontal assault is plain dumb. Add to this that Usopp’s cowardice is becoming really counter-productive, I hope he does get a redeeming moment that will make it worth to have endured all his chicken-talk (his Thriller Bark fight was the best one so far, in that respect) Even though the operation is one of the less intersting things to me in this arc, this chapter was still great. And despite how unimpressed I was with Trebol’s abilities last week, this chapter he showed how strong he actually is. Lifting an entire ship with what looked like minimal effort is not something everyone can do. This also goes to show that someone else will have to arrive in order to fight him, since I doubt that either Robin or Usopp will be strong enough to defeat him.

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Bleach 570 Chapter and Raw – I Dont Have Fear

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I guess the issue is how exactly are the shinigami going to get sereitei back Welcome to bleach Chapter 570 Spoiler English. bleach 570 is the next chapter to come out on bleach manga series. The translated summary and the scanned pictures from the bleach 570 manga scans will be posted here soon.

bleach 570 manga
bleach 570

As for byakuya, it does seem like the boost he got from the royals is every bit as insane as the one rukia or renji got. His shikai was enough for nodt to actually make nodt think the thing was his bankai. I do wonder what exactly changed with his shikai though. Well, seeing the chapter it kinda seems like the volume of petals changed however perhaps there is more to consider here. Anyways, whatever changed with his shikai and bankai can’t be similar to what renji would have gone through. Byakuya was decades ahead of renji in the bankai area and renji had to get his bankai fixed to be an actual bankai and master it. Byakuya probably already had that stuff down. The thing reminds me a bit of what yamamoto supposedly went through between the first time and second time he fought juhabach. Yamamoto was a powerful shinigami 2000 years ago when sasakibe just learned bankai. He was important enough to actually start the shinigami school and had a name for himself. He was without a doubt an extremely powerful shinigami to put it mildly. Then 1000 years ago he started the squads and kept them in line through the threat of shoving his flaming foot up their asses. However recently his bankai was different recently from what it was 1000 years ago. I guess zampakuto are basically like people and such things can be reflected in their abilities? People can learn new things and give a new perspective to things. If something similar applies to bankai then their abilities can be given new angles and new ways to use them can be found.

Anyways, as for byakuya’s strength, it is worth considering that he did not even need bankai to deal with nodt’s eye fear things and nodt did thought it was his bankai. Rukia in turn does seem to need to take the fight a bit further and actually use bankai. I can easily see byakuya being much, perhaps even overwhelmingly stronger, than rukia or renji. Which leaves the question, who in the hell is byakuya gonna fight now? Mask was built up in a way such that a fraction of his power was enough to barehandedly stop a bankai and even then renji got a relatively easy win over him. Someone to fight byakuya would have to surpass that…. Just how strong can people in the quincy army be? Or perhaps byakuya’s role will be to fight multiple stern riter at a time and make short work of them? With the current developments I can actually see the stern riter retreating in the short run. Renji, rukia, the recovering captains, byakuya, kenpachi and unohana’s return and ultimately ichigo’s return might just be enough to actually have them do such a thing. I guess the issue is how exactly are the shinigami going to get sereitei back.

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Read Naruto Manga 666 and Spoiler – The Man Behind Sasuke Ebizo

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It would be difficult for him to use it that quickly. Maybe that is the reason why until his half of Kurama was sealed inside If you are naruto manga fans, I’m sure you are searching for naruto 666. But as we knew, naruto manga 666 will be there on the regular time. We are also waiting for the naruto 666 spoiler, naruto 666 raw, naruto 666 scans, naruto 666 English chapter and Summaries.

naruto 666 manga
naruto 666

Naruto is above everyone regarding chakra, save Hashirama. He perfected the Sage Mode and it was said that he surpassed his predecessors, which implied being better at that than them. Also, Minato was shocked when he saw that Naruto could use it, which also implied that he can’t or won’t use it. That’s why it’s surprising. Well wasn’t Kakashi shocked that Naruto could use Rasengan (back in the fight between Naruto and Sasuke on top of the hospital). But that didn’t stop him from knowing how to use a Rasengan. Its just that he preferred to use Raikiri than Rasengan. Similarly, just because Minato was surprised that Naruto could use Sage Mode, didn’t imply that he won’t or can’t use it. As i said before, there is a need of balancing ones Chakra in order to use the Sage Mode. So, Minato being a Jinchuuriki (of Yin Kurama), who didn’t have that much time to become compatible with it (got sealed just after becoming one) unlike Naruto (who had his whole life), it would be difficult for him to use it that quickly. Maybe that is the reason why until his half of Kurama was sealed inside him he couldn’t use Sage Mode but as soon as it was removed he could use it freely.

Well we all knew Obitio was going to turn on Madara eventually ala darth vader/emperor. At least now with Obito there it creates a chance to at least postpone madara a little more, and I think this opens up Obito taking the other half of the kyuubi and giving both to Naruto. As someone has already stated though, how can he seal anything if Minato’s lost both arms. Did you guys notice Obitio had his Mangekyo activated? Meaning he’s ready to fight, and as we have seen time and time again it is very hard to fight Obito when you can’t physically hurt him. Madara doesn’t posses the same power as Obito so it’s very possible he’ll warp Madara into his eye dimension to fight him there. Or he’ll warp himself with Naruto and co. so at least they’re out of harms way. I’m excited to see what happens next as Obito gaining some of the Juubi powers back will at least make it an even fight. Oh the mystery guy with Sasuke, I dunno, how about Iruka? We haven’t seen that guy in a while, why not?

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naruto 664 manga
naruto 664

A suspicious shadow approaches Sasuke…!!

[First panel shows someone both legs moving towards Sasuke while walking]
[Mysterious person takes few step more towards Sasuke]
[Mysterious person stops in front of Sasuke as still only legs are shown]
?????: I have never expected… to see Sasuke dying like here. Madara may be really off limits now.
[Wind blows in Sasuke’s face as his hair as moved at side while no reaction for Sasuke.]
?????: ?! (notices lack of Sasuke’s reaction to speech, look at body and notices skin changing it’s color)
[Mysterious person rush to Sasuke’s side… the person is wearing some cloak with upper body being covered by cloak with hood covering face. ]

[The scene changes completly as manga panel shifts back to Gaara and Sakura along dying Naruto flying at sand platforms]
Sakura: ?!
[smoke cloud floating dozens meters away or so in front of them is shown]
Gaara: We are almost here (shouts as he weaves his hand down)
[The sand platforms along with Gaara and Sakura with Naruto keep flying at fast rate slowly moving down.]
[Minato is shown clashing with Black Zetsu controlling Obito’s body as their kunai clashes against each other.]
[Both Minato and Black Zetsu are shown pushed backwards as they seperate from each other by force put into struggle.]

Minato(serious face): Damn… *Obito’s body won’t keep it up too long* (lands on ground)
BZ Obito(panting a bit with cold expression): *Obito’s body is going numb… I can feel it* What is wrong Fourth Hokage ? (provoking)
Minato: You are going down (narrows his eyes dangerously)
BZ Obito: Hahah… you really like to say empty speeches to which you can not even keep your word. Just take a look at Kakashi and now Obito.
[Minato turns his face at side for moment showing Kakashi bleeding a bit and hardly breathing.]
[Minato turns back to face BZ Obito as he send him deadly glare]
Minato: You shouldn’t try to piss me… now it is the en-! (feel three presences just arrived)

BZ Obito: ?!
[Gaara lands on ground with Sakura still staying with laying Naruto on other sand platform as it levitate just few inches above ground]
Gaara: Lord Fourth Hokage, we need your help asap !
Kakashi: ?! (open his normal eye surprised)
Minato: ?! *that ridiculous chakra I am feeling just now.*
[Shot on mysterious person’s lower body]
Gaara: shit… Madara is here !
[Entire Madara’s figure is shown floating above them in sky]

[Madara is shown flying down horizontally with his smirk present on his face]
[Minato, Gaara, Sakura and Kakashi are shown with wide opened mouths and shock over their faces]
[Madara lands on ground next to BZ Obito wind blows a bit of ground under Madara’s feet]
BZ Obito: Welcome back Lord Madara.
Obito(disappearing last sign of awarness): *oh no, Madara is here and his look changed… could he be ten tails host as well already*
Madara: Kuro zetsu… I see that you have still some fun here.
[Minato and Kakashi are shown glancing at each other]
Minato: Do you think as well-!(get interrupted)
Kakashi: yeah (nervously nods with his head)
Minato(serious glance): you already became Ten tails Host ,Madara…, *his look changed and he got new abilities as well*.

Madara(acting as he didn’t hear Minato): Anyway playtime is over… it is time to hand me other Rinnegan Kuro zetsu.
[Black Zetsu moves one of Obito’s right hand reaching for Rinnegan in Obito’s right eyesocket]
[Hand stops few inches from eye as it’s is frozen in place as marks of struggling are shown around]
Madara(with dark sense of humor): so you are still alive Obito. I am surprised that you can still be such nuisance for me.
Obito: …
Madara: but your luck ends here as I personally arrived here to take my Rinnegan back from you (Madara turns to Obito as he reaches with one hand for Rinnegan in Obito’s eye)
Obito: ?! *Oh… no it will not let you…*

Obito: Kamui !
[BZ Obito’s body sweat a lot and panting as Madara’s hand pass through Obito’s eyes a bit as Madara’s stops his hand.]
Madara: It is one of the the most dangerous and annoying technique I have ever met (withdraws his hand a bit leaving Obito’s face while stopping his hand few inches from Obito’s face)
Madara: Too bad, it won’t work. Onmyoudon ! (black shaped fluid touches Obito’s face around his eyesocket)
Obito: ?!
[Madara reaches once again for Rinnegan present in Obito’s right eyesocket as he grabs it this time]

[Smirk draws on Madara’s face as Madara moves his hand back to himself]
[Shot on Kakashi’s serious face is shown with his MS activated]
Kakashi: I won’t let you bastard, Kamui !
[Space around Madara’s neck begin to spins violently]
Madara: Onmyoudon ! (black fluid emerges around Madara’s neck as blakc hole opens up created by Kamui)
[Suddenly Black hole closes itself completly as space stop spining slowly around]
Kakashi: ?!
Madara: You are using Obito’s eye power very well.. but it is nothing what Juubi Jinchurki could not deal with. Even Rinnegan user capable of using absorbing power with proper timming can deal with that technique.

[Madara plugs his other Rinnegan back into his other eyesocket]
Madara(evil smirk forms): yes… this feeling is amazing (still keep his hand covering his eye along with part of his face’s right side.)
[Obito’s face is shown with one his eyesocket being empty as it closes with no eye while Sharingan is still visible in Obito’s left eyesocket.]
Obito(look in horror): *Oh no… I failed to stop him guys…*
[Madara pull his hand down revealing slowly part of his face]
[Madara is shown double Rinnegan violently glowing from under his headband as his arm returns back to Madara’s side.]
[Another Horn grow from left’s side of Madara’s handband as staff in Madara’s right hand becomes whole by complete circle at top of the Staff with nine tomoes appearing hanging around the circle of staff.]

Madara: I am finally complete !
[Powerfull push blows suddenly from Madara’s body pushing everyone a bit backwards.]
[Kakashi is shown protect himself with his arms crossed in front of his face]
[Kakashi lower his arms down as push force disappear]
Kakashi: *Even in my worst nightmares I could not suspect that he will be that powerfull.*
[Kakashi is shown clenching is fist in anger and powelessness.]
[Madara is about to leave them as he fly up a bit]
Kakashi(shouts as he spot Madara’s attempt to leave): I won’t let you leave this place Madara ! *I can not let him to interrupt Minato-sensei way to save Naruto. Even if the best what I can do is buying them some time and slowing down this monster then it is worth a shot.*

[Minato is shown looking very distracted and torn from inside]
Minato(angry and worried but try to keep collected): Damn… *Naruto need my help asap… or he will die. However I can not leave Kakashi alone with these monsters. Kakashi won’t leave along with me also as Obito is here….*
Kakashi: Sensei, you need to go and help Naruto… leave battlefield here to me.
Minato(look at Kakashi with serious and worried expression): Kakashi, but Madara is here and he just became Juubi Jinchurki.
Kakashi(serious and sad): I know… but there is no other way. Sensei promise me to save your son… I could never forgive myself if he die for my case.

Minato(struggling to accept Kakashi’s offer): Ok, Kakashi. Hold on Kakashi, I will return as fast as possible *I am sorry Obito and Kakashi but I can not save you once again…* (tear flow down from Minato’s eye)
[Minato dashes backwards to Naruto, Gaara and Sakura.]
[Angry look appear on Madara’s face as he narrows his both Rinnegan eyes dangerously at Kakashi.]
Madara: do you want so badly to die ?
Kakashi: we will see who will die *I have tiny chance to just survive… but I have to do everythng in my might to stop him here*
Madara: Fine then, you just signed of your own death sentence

[Suddenly Kakashi is blown away by invisible force as he has problems to keep being on his feet.]
[Dust arise then clear up completly]
Kakashi(barerly keep his MS eye opened): *what a teryffing power ?!*
Madara: It seems you have problems to stand even on your feet and you dare to challenge me… pathetic.
[Madara lands in front of Kakashi with flying down at great speed.]
Madara: Fool, you are not even worthy of my time, now die.
[Madara pierces Kakashi’s chest with black fluid shaped into spear as Kakashi’s MS eye is shown widden open with shocked expression.]
Madara: not even a challeng-! (stops his speech as he notices lightinig sparks around Kakashi)

[Kakashi is revealed to be Lightining clone as it disperses into sparks of lightining]
Madara(looks plainly forward): such pathetic attempt to stop me. ?!
[Suddenly strange black markings appear around on ground under Madara]
[Kakashi emerges from ground in front of Madara]
Madara: this type of barrier will not hold me even… is that joke ?
[Suddenly Kakashi throws alot of kunai with explosive notes attached to then while being connected with wire]
Madara: ?! (still not even moving) *Is he really that stupid to attack me with kunai*
[wires binds arond Madara with kunai with explosive notes attached being enveloped around Madara now.]
Kakashi: I will blow you into pieces ,Madara !

[Explosive notes activate all at the same time as powerfull explosion occurs.]
[Overhelming cloud of dust arises then finally fall down on ground revealing not injured Madara.]
[Meanwhile BZ Obito as in Black Zetsu and Obito watch Kakashi’s attempts to stop Madara at all costs.]
BZ Obito: I am impressed by your friend will to fight, Obito
Obito: Oh no Kakashi… *watch as Madara emerges from smoke unscatched and unharmed and grab Kakashi’s neck as he crushes it slowly.*
BZ Obito: Too bad all his attempts are meanigless against Lord Madara.
Obito: *Kakashi* Black Zetsu you already get Rinnegan eye back… even although I betrayed you.. I would like to pay back for it and finish Kakashi bastard.

BZ Obito: Do you really think I am gonna fall for such cheap trick ?
Obito: *shit he figured out my purpouse* then please walk there as I want to die along Kakashi…I want to be with him even in the end.
BZ Obito: Well…, Lord Madara is in charge so he decides about your fate… but let’s go
[Kakashi is shown being choked very hard as his neck is shown crushed by great force as pressure is only increasing.]
[BZ Obito suddenly appears next to Madara as he put one of his arm on Madara.]
Madara: What is the problem… Black Zetsu.
BZ Obito: I want to finish that Kakashi bastard myself

[Madara releases Kakashi from his choking as he take one step backwards.]
Madara: if you want so badly it, then finish him now.
BZ Obito: ok, but I want to fnish our battle in other dimenssion. Kamui !
[Obito and Kakashi are drawn iniside black hole as they are spining]
[Obito and Kaksahi appear inside other dimenssion as they get out from black hole spining then effect stops.]
[Minato finishes his sequence of handseals]
[Minato put his hand glowing hand at Naruto’s chest ]
Minato: My son.. It is time for your birthday gift’s finally (smiles a bit)
Side text: Kakashi escaped Madara’s wrath.
Main heroes will return soon !

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Bleach 568 Manga and Spoilers

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bleach 568 is now up for your satisfaction rest assured that we bring the most-up-to-date mangas so visit our site as often as you can to be updated on the latest and hottest mangas. Rukia believes her zan is ice based. Th number of things she’s been mistaken about or ignorant of in the past is fairly long.

bleach 568 manga
bleach 568

What you have to realize is that the nature of reducing temperature has nothing to do with forming ice. Ice is just a side affect which is why an ice user like Toshiro needs moisture in the air and can control the weather to an extent. Even Yama’s ability to reach temperatures nearing the sun, while scary, can occur in nature, and accomplish basically one thing: incineration. Absolute zero on the other hand cannot be replicated in nature, even at the boundary events of black holes. It isn’t just freezing things. it is total control over the movement and interaction of ALL matter in the universe. And as you approach temperatures near AZ in controlled lab settings weird stuff begins to happen: spontaneous levitation, the very way magnetism works changes, the laws of physics begin to change. In theory, a spark of static electricity in such an environment could power a city. So, hitsuyaga can control the weather to an extent and form ice. Rukia doesn’t need water or moisture, or weather control. She purely controls the aspect of “freezing” which means she controls the movements of molecules. Much scarier. She may believe her reishi allows her to move for short periods of time in her “dead” state. But nothing moves at absolute zero (nothing with physical substance that is). She’s mistaken about how parts of her ability work I think. Expect even bigger transformations from her before the manga ends.

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One Piece 738 Raw and Scan

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Searching for one piece 738? Be glad as the hottest and latest one piece Manga 738 is up for your satisfaction. Visit us on a regular basis to catch out the most up to date scans. I totally predicted both Pica and Trebols powers, Pica is sick controlling the whole entire palace. Hopefully he seriously fights Zoro one on one I want to see Zoro go all out and just destroy the whole place including Pica.

one piece 738 manga
one piece 738

Trebols snot is nasty though feel bad for the person fighting him. The Coliseum was definitely the best part of the chapter, First Burgess with his Surge Elbow aka “the people’s elbow” lol blows a hole in the stands giving about the citizens, Then Sabo comes in with his Dragon inspired attack Dragon Claw and overpowers Burgess with his Haki. That class was amazing. Sabo is stronger than Burgess but still it looks like it wont be that easy for him to win. Loving both of their fighting styles though. Waiting to see more. Cavendish turned into a toy seems like he may play a big role in helping the other toys escape. I’m guessing if he falls asleep Hakuba won’t be under Sugars command since its a different personality. Also Hack the fisherman confirmed to be working with Koala And the Tontattas are taking action ready to go stop sugar. But I doubt it will be that easy with Trebol there. Chapter was so good only problem is that we still have no information on Sanji and the others Burgess was shown to end an entire block in seconds…this was meant to be a display of power, showing a very formidable foe. Sabo one hands Burgess, showing that He is a bit beyond burgess’s leauge. However, this is exactly why Burgess will obtain the mera mera. it should put him beyond Sabo. I expect to see more from burgess. Can’t wait to actually read that chapter. anyone notice last chapter that kinmon disappeared as soon as luffy and gang broke through the door?

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