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Naruto Chapter 663 – At last

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naruto 663 manga
naruto 663

Naruto Chapter 663 Prediction – At last
[ Chapter opens at a cross panel of dying Naruto and Sasuke ]
[Scene switch to Gaara and co ]

Sakura ( worried ) : His heartbeat is getting slower and slower , at this rate…

Gaara ( shocked and worried ) : Please do all you can to help him , we’ll soon meet with the fourth.

( Gaara have an FB of Naruto saving him from the darkness when they were kids )
( Gaara have an FB of Naruto saving him when he was captured by the Aka )

Gaara ( determined ) : * i definitely won’t let you die Naruto *

[Scene switch to Minato and co ]

Minato ( worried and angry ) : * Damn it i should have tagged Naruto with FTG , is he still far away Kurama ? *

Yin Kurama : * he is very close , he’ll be here in a matter of seconds *

Minato ( regains determination ) : * Good * Now then its time to end this fight and save my student.

Kakashi ( determined ) : You’re right Sensei , this time i will definitely save my friend.

Obito ( shocked and sad ) : * Sen…sei , Kaka..shi *

BZ ( laughing ) : Nice speech and all , but i’m curious as to how will you save this scum.

Minato/Kakashi : Don’t you dare call Obito scum in front of us !

( Suddenly Kakashi appear next to BZ Obito and try to stab him with a Kunai)

BZ : Futile , Kamu… ( gets interrupted by Obito )

Obito : *I won’t let you use my power * Do it Kakashi !

[Black Zetsu can’t use Kamui because of Obito but manages to barely dodge Kakashi’s attack resulting in his left arm being badly injured ]

BZ : Guaaah !

BZ (enraged ) : Damn you all !

Obito (smirks ) : Get out of my body if its that painful to you.

BZ ( enraged ) : You little sh.. !

[Before Black Zetsu could continue his line , Minato is seeing above him with a Cho Odama Rasengan ]

BZ ( Shocked ) : That’s too fast * in that case , i have no other choice *

Obito ( Shocked ) : ??!

[ A moment before the Cho Odama Rasengan hits BZ Obito , we see Obito’s Sharingan glowing ]
( BZ Obito is hit by the Cho Odama Rasengan and a big explosion occurs )
[ As the smoke settle down , BZ Obito is shown on the ground next to a standing Minato ]

Gaara : Finally we’re here !

( Kakashi and Minato spots Gaara , Naruto and Sakura )

Minato : Kakashi , keep an eye on Obito !

Kakashi : Don’t worry Sensei , you can go help Naruto.

( Gaara and co steps on the ground )
( Minato launches a Kunai next to Gaara and co and appears next to them )

Gaara ( worried ) : Please Fourth Hokage , save Naruto !

Minato ( smiles ) : Thanks for bringing Naruto here Kazekage , i’ll definitely save Naruto , now Naruto’s girlfriend please step aside , i’ll handle the rest.

( Suddenly Obito’s body disappears from under Kakashi )

Kakashi ( shocked ) : What did just happened , where is Obito ?!

Minato : What’s wrong Kakashi ?

Kakashi : Obito’s body disappeared !

Minato : ( shocked ) : What ?!

( Kakashi scans the area with his Sharingan )

Kakashi : I found him !

( Kakashi rushes to Obito’s direction )
( Kakashi arrives next to Obito and hold him but suddenly he noticed Obito’s Sharingan turned white and that his Rinnegan disappeared )

Kakashi ( shocked ): Why is your Sharingan white ? what just happened Obito ?

Obito ( heavily panting ) : That..bas..tard…used… Izanagi , took…the..Rinnegan…and…went…underground

[ Scene switch to Hashirama and Sai ]
( Hashirama suddenly sense Sasuke’s life force fading )

Hashirama ( shocked ) * This can’t be true ! how far did you fall Madara ! * Hey Shinobi of Konoha !

Sai ( shifts his focus to Hashirama ) : Yea 1st Hokage sama !

Hashirama : I know its risky but there is no other way , please take out those black rods from my back but use a clone because those things are dangerous !

Sai : Right !

[ Scene switch to Madara in his way to join Spiral Zetsu ]
( Black Zetsu suddenly emerges from underground )

BZ : I finally got it Madara-sama !

Madara ( smirks ) : At last , it was about time !

( Madara puts the left Rinnegan into his left eye socket )

Madara ( malicious smirk ) : The real fun is about to begin !

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Read Naruto 663 Spoiler | Naruto 663

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Are you looking for the imminent naruto 663 Manga. Then you are at the right place because naruto 663 chapter is now available online read the newest occurrence on naruto manga 663.

naruto 663 manga
naruto 663

It’s the rinnegan, which is absolves kishi slightly. You can tell because it has one more ring than a sharingan would have. Both characters aren’t the best drawn though imo. But what that means is that the byakugan stemmed from the rinnegan, and then the sharingan stemmed from the byakugan. Which I guess is fair enough, due to evolution. However, what Madara is saying is that the Sharingan, the most diluted of the eyes carries the vengeance side-effect. This is kind of stupid imo, because that should mean that all the other eyes possess it too, and it should be more potent in the others, especially Nagato, who if you remember, was appeased by a few words from Naruto.. which is something Madara said won’t work on Sasuke, because he has the vengeance of the eyes… this doesn’t add up. And regarding the above posts claiming Kakashi doesn’t know what he’s talking about, as if Kishimoto intentionally wrote it several years ago that he would be giving misinformation. Give me a break. It’s obvious for all intents and purposes Kishimoto wrote that the sharingan came from the byakugan, and now through lack of attention and the recent lazy writing has made some oversights. It’s funny that you guys make excuses for him by saying that kakashi is a bad source of information, and prefer to then accept a story from the main antagonist of the story Madara instead.

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One Piece Manga 736 | One Piece 736 Raw

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Get newest one piece 736 spoiler pics and abstracts here. one piece chapter 736 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday forenoon. Now, what can you state about the next one piece 736 chapter? where will it proceed from there? seem free to talk about it here. I have to rethink the whole power ranking structure, if Franky repeat his feat and defeat another 2 DD officers. It certainly look like DD weaker officers have to move down the power tier.

one piece 736 manga
one piece 736

I got Franky on the lowest vice admiral tier, and Bastille seemed to like a mid tier vice admiral. If Franky clash with Bastille, and fought evenly then wow, the Strawhats are much stronger than I thought or going to be that strong after this arc. I wonder if there is any Revolutionary among the dwarfs, and maybe Sabo, Hack, and Koala’s presence there is not just merely because of Ace’s DF. But this is a stretch. I like Fujitora’s development here, Akainu sending 2 Vice Admirals plus Fujitora with the thought that is enough force to crush Law and Luffy’s alliance. So we must also view Fujitora’s force is also capable of either crushing Doflamingo or cripple him pretty badly. But it seemed, Fujitora does work within the law. And if he doesn’t deal with DD directly, he may ended up looking the other way and let Luffy stirred up a hell of trouble once he learn about the Dwarf revolution. I like the chapter but I predict youtube reviewers gonna rate this chapter average. And there will be complains on this thread about no action. I supposed that is expected. I am kinda glad that the story is “not rush.” If after this arc, there is a cascade of events launching the Strawhats into greater conflict. He seriously need allies that are a regular on his ship for an arc or 2. This probably will not happen but Aokiji and or Sabo may need to travel with the strawhats for a while. I meant Kaido, Big Mam, and Black Beard are out to get them. I don’t see the strawhats as being strong enough at all.

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Read Bleach 566 Spoiler | Bleach 566

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Get newest bleach 566 spoiler pics and abstracts here. bleach chapter 566 manga spoiler will be released on wednesday night or thursday forenoon. Now, what can you state about the next bleach 566 chapter? where will it proceed from there? seem free to talk about it here. Quincy: So what about our families and fallen comrades? Should they go unavenged? Shinigami: You do realize your families live in the world that will be destroyed if you kill hollows right? Every hollow you kill brings you a step closer to being responsible for murdering the very families you try to protect and literally everyone else.

bleach 566 manga
bleach 566

Because, you know, they live in the world and stuff. Who is going to avenge your families when you are done destroying yourselves? Its a bit of a strange scenario on all accounts. Quincy actually gained nothing from killing hollows in this scenario and yet persisted in doing so for whatever reason. So I am thinking either juhabach infiltrated them and made them go against the shinigami or maybe he had his wandenreich kill hollows and make things worst so that the shinigami would take drastic actions. Wandenreich was proficient at killing hollows unnoticed after all, they could even go to HM without the shinigami noticing. Ishida probably expected the allegiance part, I think he was simply taken aback a bit at the fact that he was a horcrux and he would eventually return to voldemort to sustain his life. Or maybe he is afraid jk rowlin will sue or something. Is there a need for juhabach to resuscitate himself though? As far as we know the kaiser gesang implies he already did that and right now it does appear he is as alive as he can be. I think the key here is how his powers work. Juhabach does not seem to absorb the very soul of the person he gave the pieces too. He gets back the little piece of the soul he gave them but greater than what it was. The little piece of his soul grows stronger with the soul of the quincy it is fused with. It is a perfect symbiotic relationship, juhabach strengthens the soul of the quincy in question and the quincy strengthens the little piece of juhabach’s soul.

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Naruto 662 Spoiler – Read Naruto Prediction 662

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Spoiler of Naruto 662! We seek pleasure in bringing manga satisfaction to the fans! Sit and relax while enjoying the spoiler of Naruto 662. posts the up-to-date Mangas so if you desire to be one of the firsts in savoring the latest Manga, visit our website as often as you can! Couple of things to clear up about the jobbing: First off, Hashirama wasn’t technically jobbed. Madara and Hashirama fought for an untold amount of time, and each time we saw Hashirama he had more and more rods pierced into him. We didn’t need to see the piercing happen, just like we didn’t need to see Madara hit with Naruto’s FRS to know the end result.

naruto 662 manga
naruto 662

Jobbing inplies he was powered down so that Madara could win, when in actuality he was using Sage Mode, implying he was fighting at his best. He simply didn’t know Madara was feigning defeat. Hashirama wasn’t overcome by plot necessity, he was simply outsmarted. Then the bijuu weren’t really jobbed, as they were subdued for like. 3 chapters already, having already been hit with the sealing chains… and this was after having already been ripped out of Obito, making them potentially weaker. Expecting a fight from them isn’t all that realistic considering this. As for the speed that it takes to remove them and seal them in the Mazou, I don’t have an explanation for that. though it could have something to do with them not actually NEEDING all of Akatsuki for the sealing, but just using them all because it was cost-effective when it came to chakra consumption. It’s probably pretty taxing. Not to mention no one in Akatsuki knew about the real Nagato as he always acted through God Realm. And God Realm doesn’t have the full chakra capacity of Nagato himself. Perhaps he himself needed all of Akatsuki for the technique, but Nagato could’ve pulled it off alone were he not being so secretive? Tobirama may have been jobbed. We don’t know since he was off-paneled. He never beat Madara in the past so why should we believe he could put up any real fight this time? Jobbing implies being defeated in an unrealistic matter just for the sake of plot. What I saw however was someone being overpowered. Madara even reminds us that the Edo Tensei zombies can’t access their full strength. It’s almost as if Kishimoto expected people to call shenanigans, so he reminded us that Tobirama was a shell of his former self, in front of a man who was his eternal superior. By that logic Sasuke wasn’t jobbed either since he was simply overpowered too… except what happened was intentional because of a plan he and Hashirama has in store. And the telekenisis isn’t necessarily an ass pull from Madara when we consider how Shinra Tensei and Banshou Tenin works. If one can push and pull things and levitate them (we didn’t forget that God Realm literally flew for several moments before actually using Chou Shinra Tensei did we?), it makes sense that someone with better control over those powers could levitate things other than himself… like a kid with a sword. For a second there I completely forgot what jobbing meant: jobbing is when someone is thrown in a fight specifically to lose to someone else in order to make that person look more impressive. Particularly after a new power up or when a new character arrives and is needed to be displayed as a true threat. In which case I’m still right.

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